Exceptional Coaching For Successful
Executives and Leaders
for more meaningful impact through your work. 

Who is 'The Executive Essence"
Private Coaching For?

“The Executive Essence” is private, customized coaching, designed individually for you, when you are at a particular point in your life.

As a successful executive, you’ve been fulfilling responsibilities to others. 

But what about your Life Purpose?  Your Dreams and Vision?

Is it time to level up, or re-orient?

Consider a seasoned, practical, heart-centered sounding board and coach.

Illuminate Blindspots

You can get in your own way and not even realize it. With mindful, transformational coaching you save time and avoid blindspots.

Valuable, Evocative Questions

The right coach can help you conserve precious time and leverage your energy.

Elite Level Support

With this customized program, you'll receive an elite level of support. Support like you've never had.

What The Executive Essence Coaching is

What The Executive Essence Coaching is NOT

Yes! You Can be Successful AND Fulfill your Life Purpose

Tap into what is possible with...
The Executive Essence

Executive Coaching is for successful executives and leaders who want to make a more meaningful impact through their work.  Having a trusted sounding board and supportive coach who asks the tough questions can make a big difference

The Executive Essence Coaching consists of regular private coaching sessions, custom tailored to your needs, and email/text support in between calls, as needed. Specific brief assignments may  be designed for you, to keep you challenged and on-track, moving towards your desired outcomes.

We’ll meet weekly or twice a month (we co-create the plan), via phone or video call, and check in with where you are (and wherever in the world you are).

No! You do not have to sell your soul to be successful.  Many executives I’ve worked with have told me that, even though they have had external success, they lacked fulfillment. 

Through The Executive Essence coaching, you can transform your success into well balanced  fulfillment.

You can be successful in business, make the world a better place, and maintain healthy relationships with your family and friends.

Success does not have to be a trade-off between money and happiness.

The first step is a complimentary  15-minute phone or video consult with me.

When we’re on the consultation together, we will discuss your unique situation: your background, goals, and if it is a fit to work together,  we’ll co-create a coaching plan that is flexible and responsive to your needs as we work together. 

Schedule a consult now to start creating your “next-level” future. 

Ready for a transformative experience that will
make a greater positive difference
in your life, and in the world?

This is for you if you wish to:


"Coaching with Rose was the best investment of my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She transformed my understanding of “partnership” and how that applies to the people I lead as well as my relationship to myself."

"Rose tailored her approach and “assignments” based on the issues I was dealing with from day to day — a huge benefit! I grew personally in ways I could not have anticipated because of my work with Rose."

"Rose is a powerful source of knowledge and skills and she also connected me with other resources which continue to benefit me."
Front-line Manager at AT&T​
"Thank you for being a gift, guide, partner and angel throughout so many years (20+years & counting) and so many challenges and opportunities. I love, bless and appreciate you."
Jan Simon
Executive Director
"Rose is a sharp, intuitive, and insightful Business Coach. Her X-ray vision and small detail precision coupled with decades of experience help you grow personally as you grow your divinely inspired business! "

"Rose sees your gifts and sees your possibilities. I highly recommend working with her."
Stephanie Trager
Strategist & Attorney

Meet Rose Harrow

ChangeMaker Catalyst & Master Business Coach

ChangeMakers hire me when they are ready to level up, when they seek a sounding board, someone to ask them the high level, evocative questions that aren’t obvious.  And someone to coach them to bring out their next level growing edge. Someone to listen impartially, without judgment, without a stake in the outcome, so they can see the bigger picture about their work – challenges and opportunities – while they make a better world. As a ChangeMaker Catalyst, a former executive director of an international non-profit, and a highly intuitive Master Business Coach, I can give you an elite level of support.

Together, we can actualize your goal of making a greater positive difference with meaningful work that satisfies your soul. 

Many new possibilities.

In Your complimentary Phone Consult, we’ll explore what’s next for you, what is calling you, and whether it is a fit to work together.